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Blockchain is still very new to mainstream society. The majority of people think that this is just a type of online currency. We are going to utilise blockchain to help overcome issues with crowd funding. More specifically equity crowd funding. There are many different crowdfunding platforms out there today. One of the first and most well known is Kickstarter. On Kickstarter, people invest in idea that they like, and at each bracket of investment you are offered a reward, usually getting better the more you invest. The reward will be worth less than the amount of investment. If you truly believe in the idea you’re investing in, why not become a part of it? With EQ Token, any investment you make in a company will give you equity in that company and allow distribution of dividends as well as the ability to sell your equity at any time. If you had of invested $10 in Uber in 2009 when they were worth $3.7m, your $10 investment would now be worth over $250,000 as they are now worth over $100b. Imagine if you’d have invested that $10 on Kickstarter and got some type of Uber novelty key chain as a reward???

Why Blockchain?

So, why would raising money using blockchain be any better than the current methods?


Current methods of crowdfunding have quite high fees. This is due to the fact that the crowdfunding companies are rarely able to handle the financial transactions themselves and often have to pay third parties for this service.

Using crypto currencies, we will be able to easily handle all transactions ourselves, passing on financial savings to our customers


The majority of crowdfunding companies cannot offer equity in return for investment as it is just too hard to track exactly who owns what and to easily sell shares. Using Ethereum smart contracts we can easily divide up a 20% portion in a company into billions of small shares that can be traced back to individual Ethereum wallets to allow sharing of profits (dividends) or selling of tokens.


From day 1 of the token creation for a new project, you have 100% ownership of your tokens. You can send them to whoever you want, trade them for whatever you want or else even store them in an offline location to keep them safe. This type of freedom and ownership only comes with blockchain

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