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The Future of Crowdfunding

EQ Token will use blockchain technology as a much better and more efficient way of equity crowdfunding. The benefits of using blockchain from an investors point of view are:

Small investments can be easily tracked and awarded with a proportionate share in the company through the use of tokens

Profit sharing can be evenly and easily distributed to all investors

Investors can also be given voting rights which can be verified by the number of tokens they own in their online wallets (this feature will come at a later date)

These tokens can be privately sold to other investors or sold on our own token exchange at any time.

Benefits for a company listing on our crowdfunding platform are:

The company listing will pay a small fee (used to validate the listing, <$350) and any money collection/verification is carried out by our service.

They are able to offer a portion of their company, which we will legally hold. We are then able to convert this into 100,000,000 tokens to be sold to investors

Any quarterly/annual share in profits is then passed onto us which we can evenly distribute to all token holders

In the event of a failed crowdfunding project where the goal was not reached within the allowed time-frame, we are able to return any investments received

The Team

James Borland - Founder

BEng in aerospace engineering. James has experience working across different engineering backgrounds (Process Eng/ Mechanical Eng/ Manufacturing Eng). James has been involved in small scale investing in the cryptocurrency markets for 3 years.

Samantha Borland - Marketing Director

First Class Bachelors (Hons) in Marketing with experience working in the security industry as well as property development and management

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