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We are in the process of trying to raise a total of $40k to get us started. As soon as we hit this target, we will be able to start our marketing campaign and our IEO.

One of the best ways to raise money these days is through equity crowdfunding platforms. Unfortunately because our business is essentially a better version of what is currently out there, we cannot raise funds on these websites because we are a direct competitor. To help raise the money needed, we have decided to create an investment rewards program! Please read more below.

For our initial fundraising, we will offer 2 options in return for investment:

EQ20 Token Investment Option  

Being one of the first to invest is always going to be a bit riskier than jumping in at the IEO stage. Because of this, we are offering 200% additional EQ20 tokens to any pre-IEO investors. We will be selling these as blocks for $500/block. Our IEO sell price will be $0.05/token so early investors will get 30k EQ20 tokens for $500, which will be worth $1500 in our IEO.


These will be sold on a first come, first served basis and we will not be collecting any money until we have enough buyers through the EQ20 token investment option and the below Equity option to reach the $40,000 we need to get started. 

Equity Investment Option  

We will also be offering equity in the EQ-Token business in exchange for investment. We are offering a total of 15% equity in exchange for $30,000 (a minimum of $10,000 will need to be raised through the above EQ20 token investment option).

Equity in EQ-Token will be sold in 1% blocks, with each 1% being sold for $2000.

Current Progress


Currently, we have sold 1% equity and 12 blocks of EQ20 tokens, keep and eye on this page for future progress!

We will not ask for any funds until we have reached our goal. Do not send anyone money claiming to be EQ-Token unless it comes from and this web page also shows that we have reached out target


To help speed up the process and get more investors interested, we will be offering EQ20 tokens as rewards for bringing an investor to the table. When an investor pledges a certain amount, they will be asked if anybody brought the idea to them. This persons name will also be saved so that when we collect the funds and issue tokens/equity. They will be rewarded also (please note, rewards are only paid after money has been collected, when we reach our $40,000 target).

Reward for $500 EQ20 token block = 5000 EQ20 tokens

Reward for $2,000 equity block = 20000 EQ20 tokens

To try and find new investors, please direct people to "Pitch Deck" tab as this is where the majority of useful investor information is. Then additional information can be found in the whitepaper.

For any additional questions, please contact me on telegram or at

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